Taipei Eats: Having breakfast at Shida Road

Walking along Shida road everyday makes me passing by this breakfast stall who seems to be manned by a husband and wife couple. Every morning the wife is always ready behind the frying station while the hubby is ready to make your coffee or tea order.

Shida Road Breakfast Stall Taipei Taiwan
Their full menu. They sell egg crepes, sandwiches, burger and pasta. The prices are really student-friendly. 

Shida Road Breakfast Stall Menu
If you are not sure about the menu, you can refer to the picture menu instead. 

Shida Road Breakfast Stall Picture Menu
They also have seasonal item occasionally. Like this fried chicken burger.

Fried Chicken Burger Taiwan Breakfast
Taiwan version of beef burger. 

And a bottle of chilled soya milk. 

Taiwan chilled soya milk
The stall is open only shortly after 1pm. What a good business eh? But they open everyday though unless they are on holiday or there's typhoon in town. =P

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