Taiwan Eats: Taiwan Aboriginal Traditional Meal, Wulai

Once you are done looking at the waterfall (see post), you may want to look at the surrounding area. The locals residing in Wulai has set up a row of shops and restaurants for tourists to enjoy the scenic area.

Wulai Waterfall Shops and Restaurants Taiwan
If you want to try to dress like the locals in the olden days, you can buy or rent the costume for photo taking purposes. 

Traditional Wulai Aboriginal Costume Taiwan Rental
We were more concerned about our tummy so we were more interested in the local restaurant. 

Wulai Aboriginal Restaurant Taiwan
The menu is in Mandarin so I left it to my friend to read the menu let her made the meal choices.

Taiwan Wulai Aboriginal Restaurant Menu
We ordered the bamboo rice which seems to be the specialities here. And it comes with some dishes like meat and veggies.

Wulai Bamboo Stick Rice Taiwan
Since it's been ages since the last time we ate fried rice, we also ordered a fried rice too. We are just simply fried rice lover. 

Wulai Fried Rice Taiwan Food
The food taste so-so but I suppose it is quite fun to eat on the mountain. Hahaha. #mightaswell

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