Taiwan Eats: Teppanyaki in Fu Jen Catholic University's neighbourhood

Does your uncle and aunt love to feed you? Mine do. Everytime without fail. I'm such a happy niece (close eyes on bulging tummy). This time, we are having teppanyaki at one neighbourhood teppanyaki restaurant. You can select which meat you want to eat and the menu have listed all the choices from prawn, chicken, fish or beef.

Taiwan Teppanyaki Restaurant
Once the ordering is done, the chef will immediately cook in front of you. That looks like a mountain of veggie. O_O.

Teppanyaki Style in Taiwan
If you are already hungry, you can start eating the corn soup first. Which I think it's a part of the set meal. The chef will put the cooked food at the aluminium foil you see in front of the rice. 

Corn soup and rice at teppanyaki stall in Taiwan
Oh yeay, the chef is finally starting to cook some meat. I want my prawns!!!

Prawn teppanyaki Taiwan
The complete set of my teppanyaki. Two types of greens, sliced beef and prawns. Yum! 

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