Taiwan Travel: A High School in Taipei, Tamsui

"High school taught me more life lessons than actual education."

New Taipei Private Tam-kang High School Taiwan
Behind Aletheia University in Tamsui (read post here), there is a local high school called Tam-kang High School. There is a reason why this high school has become one of popular tourist attractions in Tamsui. 

Tamkang High School Entrance Gate Taiwan
Thanks to that reason, the high school is open for public even on a Sunday afternoon. 

Tamkang HIgh School Tamsui Taiwan
The school complex is pretty big. I suspect this building might be the dorm for the students. It kinda looks like one. 

Tamkang High School Student Dorm Taiwan
Oh I haven't told you why Tam-kang High School has become of tourist's destination right? The famous Taiwanese singer/ actor, Jay Chou, is known to be the high school alumni. 

Tamkang High School Building in Tamsui Taiwan
On top of that, Tam-kang High School was also one of the filming location for the famous Taiwanese movie called Secret/ Bu Neng Shuo Mi Mi (the one I mentioned before as the theme in Mr J Restaurant here). 

Let's find out more about the school! 

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