Taiwan Travel: How to go to Wulai from Taipei?

Wulai is a mountainous area at outskirt of Taipei which is famous for its hot spring, waterfall, aboriginal culture and boar meat. It's located near Xindian in New Taipei City.

So which way is the best way to go to Wulai from Taipei? Is it better to take MRT or bus?

The only way to reach Wulai is by taking bus no 849. You can take it from a lot of places such as Taipei Main Station, Taipower Building MRT Station or Xindian MRT Station. Our starting point will the bus stop opposite 7-11 near Taipower Building MRT Station exit no. 4. This is the view taken from the bus stop. If you decided to start from this point, you should wait at the bus stop facing this view and not facing 7-11.

Taipower Building Station Taipei Taiwan
The perk of taking bus no 849 from Taipower Building bus stop is because the chance of getting seats is higher here compared to Xindian MRT Station. =P

Bus no 849 from Taipei to Wulai Taiwan
I don't really remember how long does it take. But it's probably around 80 - 90 minutes if you take bus no 849 from Taipower Building bus stop. The final destination of the bus is Wulai. So you don't have to worry about missing the bus stop of the destination. The bus stops near the welcome sign. 

Welcome to Wulai Bus No 849 Taiwan

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