Taiwan Travel: Maokong Gondola, Taipei

Continuing on my post before on how to reach Maokong Gondola (read here), the platform to ride Maokong Gondola is located on the 4th floor of the station. You will notice that there is two kind of queue-line there. The one with most people is for the crystal cabin (水晶車廂/ Shuǐjīng chēxiāng). It can only hold 6 people in one cabin while the normal cabin can hold 8 people each. The perks about the crystal cabin is you can see the view under your cable car. 

Maokong Gondola Crystal Cabin Queue
If you already have the MRT card (悠遊卡/Yōuyóu kǎ), you don't have to buy another ticket. Simply tap the card on the machine to board the gondola. You can see the fare map here depends on where you depart/ alight the gondola.

Maokong Gondola Fare Map
Our cabin is finally here. 

Maokong Gondola Cable Car Taipei Taiwan
If you have time to queue, I really recommend you take the crystal cabin because the view below your feet is kinda amazing. All greens~~~

Maokong Gondola Crystal Cabin View Taipei Taiwan
We're going up up up to the mountain. If you ride this gondola in the summer day, you will feel kinda stuffy inside because there's not much air inside the cabin. *sweat*. But look at the view outside! Hello, Taipei 101! #worththesweat
View from Maokong Gondola Taipei Taiwan
Maokong is known for its mountain tea plantation. At the last stop, Maokong Station, you will find a lot of tea houses. 

Maokong Tea Plantation Taiwan
I didn't really have time to take a sip of the tea unfortunately. But this is how one of the tea houses looks like. If you have time, you should really go for tea time with a nice view below you. 

Maokong Tea House

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