Taiwan Travel: What to do in Wulai?

Hello! Lately I have been posting all sorts of blog post about Wulai, up to the point that it was kinda messy to read, somehow? Apologise if that so. Well if you don't feel like reading the mumbo jumbo and want to jump straight to the summarised post...here you go! The shortcut. =P

1. Walk in the quiet mountainous neighbourhood (details here)

Wulai Quiet Neighbourhood in Taiwan
2. Eat local food (e.g. roast boar meat and traditional aboriginal cuisine)

Roasted Boar Meat in Wulai Taiwan
Wulai Aboriginal Traditional Cuisine Taiwan
3. Take scenic train (see here)

Wulai Scenic Train Taiwan
4. Take cable car, if you dare (see here)

Wulai Cable Car Ride Taiwan
5. Enjoy the amazing view of Wulai waterfall (see here)

Wulai Waterfall Taiwan
Hope you have a good time in Wulai! =)

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