Taiwan Travel: Wulai, New Taipei City

After the long bus ride from Taipei (see post here), we finally has reached Wulai. The first scenery that you will see when you alight from the bus (apart from the welcome sign) is the red bridge. As you can see in the picture, Wulai looks very serene.

Red Bridge Wulai Xindian Taiwan
There were not many people walking around Wulai that Saturday morning. Taiwan is not really a morning country. 

Wulai Neighborhood Taiwan
See? They even hire the doll to do the job! XD

Wulai Food Seller Taiwan
Haha, okay I'm kidding. The neighbourhood becomes quite lively when you reach the food and souvenir shop section of Wulai. 

Wulai Food and Souvenir Shops Taiwan
Roasted boar meat, anyone? It smells good. And the size of the boar kinda remind me of Obelisk from Asterisk & Obelisk comic series. Hahaha.

Roasted Wild Boar Wulai Taiwan
I tried the sausage version of the boar meat. They are quite yummy. Now I can relate a bit to Obelisk on why he loves eating boar meat so much. =P

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