Taiwan Travel: Wulai Scenic Train, New Taipei City

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Wulai Stop in Taiwan
The scenic train in Wulai is designed for tourists to bring them from the cable car area to the deeper side of the mountain, where the tourists can see the waterfall (and more shops). Interested much? Let's make our way to the mini train station!

Wulai Train Station Taiwan
The train journey is actually quite short, probably around 5 minutes. You can see the scenery at the left side of the train. When it's reaching the station, the train will bring you behind the painted wall. 

Taking a train in Wulai Taiwan
Oh, look! Here comes the train. Did I tell you the train is quite mini in size? Hahaha. 

Mini Train at Wulai Station Taiwan
Closer look at the paintings on the wall. Quite lovely, isn't it? 

Painted wall at Wulai Taiwan Train Station
For your information, the train ride costs NTD50. I don't think you can see the waterfall without taking the train ride. Unless you take a cable car ride, I suppose. 

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