Wandering in Indonesia: Tanjong Benoa Beach, Bali

"The world that I see is a remarkable place." - Jason Mraz

Tanjong Benoa Beach Bali Island Indonesia

The sun has just set not so long ago and the beach is so calm as there are not many people around that day. 

Aston Hotel Tanjong Benoa Private Beach Bali

Patrick and friends say hello to us while they were lazying around on the beach. 

Starfishes at Tanjong Benoa Beach Bali Island

High five-ing Patrick. Cheers!

Orange Starfish at Tanjong Benoa Bali Indonesia

This is the private beach area of Aston Tanjong Benoa Hotel (full review here). If you are interested to book a stay, you can check the price here. =)

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