What to buy in Taitung, Taiwan?

If I did not go to Taitung by tour, I'd probably have no idea on how to answer this question. Why is that so? Well, joining a group tour will guarantee you a visit to some kind of shops (so that the tour operator can earn commission from these affiliated shops). It's a "sometimes interesting, sometimes irritating" kind of affair I guess.

So back then in Taitung, the tour group (i.e. Dwidaya) brought us to WuHe Legend, a souvenir shop which sells all kind of famous products from Taitung.

WuHe Legend Shop Taitung Taiwan
The famous stuff that can be bought here is the tea leaves. I don't know why but up to this point I still believe all tea leaves in Taiwan come from Alishan. So I don't really know the originality of this tea (probably Taiwanese grow tea in Taitung too?). 

Taitung Local Tea Taiwan Shop
The tour guide then brought us to another local speciality store, a Ling Zhi Mushroom store. Ling zhi mushroom is known for its number of health benefits. However, it does not come cheap. #healthisexpensive

Ling Zhi Mushroom Taiwan
They will not give you a big mushroom for you to cook by yourself. Instead, the shop sells a variety of Ling Zhi products, like smaller pieces of dried ling zhi (for cooking) and ling zhi pills (for supplement). 

My mum and I shared a bottle of ling zhi (which costs a bomb as far as I can remember). We can't really vouch for its effectiveness in healthy lifestyle but we know that when we have lower immunity, we feel better (and fitter?) after we eat ling zhi. Same can be said that when we take a pill after we eat a lot of high-cholesterol food, our digestion seems to be better. But I suppose this is not a miracle weight-loss pill that make you feel less guilty after you enjoy your glutton affair. XD

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