How to stand hot humid weather without an air-conditioning?

The weather for the past few days has been so humid, it is seriously stressing me out. The problem with the weather in the tropical countries is it always hot and the humidity level makes the heat become more unbearable. In other words, if let's say the real temperature outside is 26 degrees celsius, you will feel that it is 30 degrees celsius thanks to the humidity.

Konata Izumi Lucky Star Summer
So how to withstand this hot humid weather without an air-conditioning? 

1. Turn on the fan full blast

If you don't have an air-con in your room or have a limitation of how long you can turn on the air-con, you will really need a fan if you live in Singapore. And turn it on full blast. Just like what Konata does.

2. Buy cold drinks

Thanks goodness bubble teas are everywhere in Singapore. Having cold drinks help (especially with an added effect of a fully blown fan). 

3. Take a cold shower

I hope you are not saving water too. Because taking a cold shower does refresh you. Do the combination of taking a cold shower - drinking cold drinks - turned on fan. 

4. Go passive

Don't do activities which require a lot of movement. Lay still does help in fighting the heat.

5. Eat tropical fruits

Watermelon is the best to consume in this weather condition. Especially the chilled one.

6. Wear loose shirt and tie your hair

You are at your house so nobody should care.

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