Jakarta Eats: Han Gang Korean Food Art Restaurant & Grill, Senayan City

Korean restaurants are appearing here and there in Jakarta and during my visit last year, I managed to persuade my mum to try one of those restaurants. We went to Han Gang Restaurant at Senayan City since the restaurant was still quite empty before lunchtime crowd came.

The side dishes served in Han Gang have been somewhat localised to Indonesian taste. While the localised version is not bad, we still prefer the Korean version of banchan.

Side dishes served at Han Gang Korean Food Jakarta
Our first ordered dish has arrived, it's the dolsot bibimbap. Quite like the bibimbap. Although the veggie combination used inside the bibimbap is kinda localised too. Hahaha.

Bibimbap at Han Gang Korean Restaurant Jakarta
The spicy fried chickens have arrived too. It tastes kinda like sweet and sour chicken though. 

Spicy Fried Chicken Han Gang Restaurant Jakarta
The last dish is quite unique until I have to call it "fusion". It's basically ddeokbokki served with veggies, a lot of veggies. Taste wise? It is quite spicy like ddeokbokki that is sold in Seoul. Healthier version of ddeokbokki, anyone? 

Ddeokbokki Vegetables Han Gang Restaurant Jakarta
We did not try the grill menu because there were only two of us and the grill menu requires you to order a set of meat which is too much for both us. Next time, I guess.

Han Gang Restaurant is located at a few locations in Jakarta just like in Senayan City, Mall Taman Anggrek, Grand Indonesia and Mall Pondok Indah, Pacific Place and Emporium Mall Pluit.

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