Korea Travel: Exploring Insadong, Seoul

Every Saturday, certain streets passing through Insadong is closed for cars and Insadong becomes a cultural hotspot for visitors. We could feel the cultural vibe when we reached Insadong MRT station.

Insadong Train Station Seoul South Korea
Welcome to Insadong! 

Insadong Street Seoul South Korea
The big main street is one of those streets which are closed for cars on weekend. There are a lot of art galleries, souvenir stores and tea-houses on the right and left side of the street.

Insadong Main Street Seoul South Korea
This eye cover is so cute. I kind regretted not buying any during my visit to Insadong. =(

Cute Eye Cover sold at Insadong Seoul South Korea
Traditional cakes are sold in Insadong. My friend bought one of the rice cake. Despite the nice color, the taste is kinda so-so.

Korean rice cake at Insadong Seoul
If you want to experience a leisure walk at Insadong, you should visit Insadong on a Saturday. The main street is located straight outside the MRT station exit. 

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