Macau Travel: Ice World Exhibition, The Venetian Macao

If you have a lot of time to spare at the Venetian Macao, it may be a good idea to check what kind of exhibition the Venetian is holding at the moment. During our visit back in 2011 (oh gosh, sounds like ages ago), there was an ice exhibition called "Ice World 冰 FUN 世界".

Ice World Exhibition The Venetian Macao Ticket
The exhibition is usually held at the expo hall. And from the looks of the map, the expo hall is indeed huge.

The Venetian Macao Ice Exhibition Map
We are finally here. This is an ice sculptures exhibition and hence, it's freezing like mad inside the expo hall. Thick coats, socks and boots are usually provided by the event organiser for this kind of ice exhibition. 

Ice World Exhibition The Venetian Macao
We time-travelled back to the Ice Age. 

Ice Sculptures Mammoth The Venetian Macao
But we did not mind having alcohol in the modern icy setting too. 

Ice Sculpture Bar The Venetian Macao
I wonder if this is how people feels when they visit Harbin Ice Festival. But I suppose Harbin is way colder than the aircon temperature in the exhibition hall. OK, maybe I should add Harbin in my travelling plan.

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