Singapore Cafe: Afternoon Brunch at Spruce, Tanglin

At this age, a lot of my friends have married and it is getting more and more difficult to find a common time amongst a group of friends to have a catch up session. So during one of the most difficult Sunday date to set up, we were finally able to meet up for a brunch at Spruce.

Spruce Cafe Tanglin Singapore
The cafe was surprisingly not so crowded on a sunny Sunday afternoon. I always have impression that Spruce is one of those cafe brimming with people. 

Spruce Cafe on a Sunday afternoon Singapore
Spruce serves a variety of Benedict and the usual breakfast favorites. 

Spruce Brunch Menu Tanglin Singapore
After an internal battle between benedicts menu and breakfast menu, Cajun Hash won the battle. The roasted vegetables have crunchy texture and I like it. =)

Cajun Hash Spruce Tanglin Singapore
Saw my battle, my friend kindly ordered an egg benny served on waffles and she let me had a bite. Hehehe. Egg benny can never go wrong. But the sauce is a bit on the little side?

Egg benedicts waffle Spruce Tanglin Singapore
But the best menu of the day is gotta be the Banana Hotcakes, served with blueberries and honey. 

Banana Hotcakes Spruce Singapore
Coffee-wise, I totally have no idea on how to appreciate coffee and as a result, I always order Mocha. Every girl needs chocolate in whatever she eats/ drinks, right? The mocha is nice. =)

A cup of mocha at Spruce Tanglin Singapore
Spruce is located at 320 Tanglin Road. Although the location seems like kinda out-of-nowhere, it is actually reachable by bus.

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