Singapore Cafe: Antoinette at Palais Renaissance

For one of our close friends' bridal shower, we chose to celebrate at Antoinette located at Palais Renaissance. As we need to chat a lot, we ordered a jug of iced fruit tea which taste so refreshing.

Iced fruit tea at Antoinette Palais Renaissance Orchard

At the dessert bar, you can see a lot of macarons.

Macaronsat Antoinette Palais Renaissance

Not many cakes were on display when we were there. Each cake costs around 8 to 9 SGD.

Cakes at Antoinette Palais Renaissance

This particular strawberry cakes caught our eyes because it looks kinda pretty.

To make our celebration even more fun, we shared the caramel pancake amongst the three of us. The pancake is yum! 

Breakfast pancake at Antoinette Palais Renaissance

There are three branches of Antoinette in Singapore. The one locates at Mandarin Gallery is forever crowded. So, if you prefer the quieter branch, you can go to the branch at Palais Renaissance instead. 

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