Singapore Eats: Office Lunch Time at Dal In Korean Restaurant, Telok Ayer

It is really a great thing that more and more Korean food joint opens one after another near where I am working, around Telok Ayer area. When my colleagues and I are having a craving for Korean food, we can just choose one to have lunch. Today we are choosing Dal In Korean Restaurant at Boon Tat Street.

Dal In Korean Restaurant Singapore
The mandatory side dishes. Yum yum. Do note that the the restaurant staff will not refill your side dishes if you have finished your main dish. 

Side Dishes at Dal In Korean Restaurant Singapore
My colleague ordered a sundubu jjigae which is also known as spicy tofu stew served with kimchi. Yes, it is kinda spicy. 

Sundubu Jjigae at Dal In Telok Ayer Singapore
I prefer meat to tofu, so I ordered Bulgogi Jjigae (beef stew) instead. The sweetness of the beef fill the broth. Yum. 

Bulgogi Jjigae at Dal In Telok Ayer Singapore
The price for the main dish is around S$10-ish for lunch. Not bad for what we are getting for S$10 at CBD area. You can give Dal In a try if you are walking around Telok Ayer area in the afternoon. 

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