Taipei Eats: Cheese Potato at Shilin Night Market

Located just opposite Jiantan MRT Stations and on the way to the Shilin Night Market, there is no way you can miss the cheese potato stall at Shilin (well, unless you visit the night market via Shilin MRT Station I guess).

Shilin Night Market Cheese Potato Taipei Taiwan
This stall is basically selling baked potato with a lot of toppings. And later on, after the toppings are added on top of the baked potato, the whole thing will be drenched by melted cheese. Yucks or Yums?

Cheese Potato Toppings at Shilin Night Market Taipei
They are not joking when they drench the whole thing with cheese. Voila! The Baked Potato with Corn and Ham swim inside cheese. Hahaha. Despite the look, the taste of this food is superb. SUPERB! 

Worry about the calorie? Walking around the night market will burn the calorie and you can eat more stuff after that. Cool, eh? =P

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