Taipei Eats: Revisited Modern Toilet Restaurant, Ximending

When my friend, S, visited me in Taipei, she was so eager to try this quirky themed restaurant called Modern Toilet Restaurant. This was my 2nd visit to the restaurant during my stay in Taipei.

Modern Toilet Restaurant Ximending Taipei
If you miss the big toilet bowl, you can see the signage of the restaurant. Uhm no, please note that this is not a sign for public toilet. Hahaha. #misleadingmuch

Modern Toilet Restaurant Sign Ximending Taipei Taiwan
There is a minimum order of 80NTD per person (if I'm not wrong). But this is easily achieved by ordering a set meal at Modern Toilet Restaurant. 

Modern Toilet Restaurant Themed Taiwan
My friend was daring enough to order beef curry set meal. Haha the color of the food is so into the theme. XD

Beef Curry Modern Toilet Restaurant Ximending Taipei Taiwan
We also ordered side dish to share amongst us. Fried chicken karage.

Chicken Karage Modern Toilet Restaurant Ximending Taiwan
The set meal comes with an ice cream. You can choose either chocolate or vanilla ice cream. 

Modern Toilet Restaurant Vanilla Ice Cream Taipei
When we went to the cashier to pay, we noted that the restaurant sells some souvenirs too. Poop pencil, anyone?

Modern Toilet Restaurant Souvenirs Taiwan
For the location of the restaurant, please refer to my first post about Modern Toilet here.

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