Taipei Eats: Sushi Shop, Gongguan MRT Station

A lot of (but not all, unfortunately) MRT stations in Taipei have small sushi shops. These small sushi shops usually sell a variety of sushi and you can either buy a pre-packed box or pack your own box.

Taipei MRT Sushi Shop
If you opt to pack your own box, there is a minimum order of 5 pieces. 7 is the maximum number of sushi you can pack inside a box. The price for the sushi varies depend on the type. 

Mix and match sushi shop at Taipei Train Station Taiwan
The shop also sells a variety of don and soba. But I prefer their sushi because the don is usually kinda cold. 

Gongguan MRT Taipei Sushi Shop
Too bad not every train station have this shop. So far I have noted the above sushi shop in Gongguan and Taipei Main Station. 

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