Taiwan Eats: 3 Taiwan's Unique Themed Restaurants

If you want to experience dining in a "different" type of setting, you can go to Taipei. The city is apparently filled with bizarre yet interesting restaurants.

Hello Kitty Restaurant Taipei Taiwan
If you are a fan of this cat, you will go ecstatic at the restaurant. Hello Kitty is basically the owner of the place and you can see her everywhere including the toilet. 

Modern Toilet Restaurant Taipei Taiwan
If you ever feel like trying to dine inside toilet, this is where you should go. Modern Toilet Restaurant brings toilet to a new level. They even use toilet bowl as a plate/ bowl to serve the dish. Poop-shaped ice cream anyone?

3. Jay Chou's Secret Themed Restaurant

Jay Chou Mr J French Italian Restaurant Taipei
Have you watched the movie called Secret (Bu Neng Shuo Mi Mi)? If yes, you sure can relate to the atmosphere of one of Jay Chou's restaurants in Taipei. The restaurant even keep the piano they use in the filming of the movie. 

4. Carton King

Carton King Taiwan
Carton King lets customers experiencing eating in a set up whereby everything is made out from carton. Let's just pray that the carton seats are strong enough to support our butt after we have finished eating. Hahaha. 

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