Taiwan Eats: Instant Cereal, 7-11

Okay I never think a cereal can be sold in a more ready-to-eat way than what they are currently it. I mean cereal is usually sold in a box and what you need to do is simple enough as it is, right? Open the box, pour the cereal into the bowl, take the milk from the fridge and pour the milk to the bowl. But oh boy 7-11 managed to make it even possible to eat cereal without actually using the bowl, and hence, no dish-washing required! Yeay!

Taiwan Open Milk Instant Cereal 7-11
A superb packaging enable us to eat cereal without the need of utensils too (there's a folded small spoon on the top of the milk cup). And it tastes good. Yum!

Taiwan 7-11 Chocolate Cereal
And just like that, my love to Taiwanese convenience store is getting stronger and stronger. =P

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