Taiwan Travel: Fishing Town of Yehliu

Yehliu is located near the sea and hence, the locals do fishing as their main occupation.

Fishing Town of Yehliu Taiwan
Due to the fact that there is a Geopark in the town, Yehliu is also relying heavily on tourism. I really like how serene the town is in the Saturday afternoon.

Yehliu Town in Taiwan
We had the time to try out Yehliu's delicacies before we visited the geopark (view post here) so I just followed my uncle into one of the restaurants. We tried the seafood noodle. The noodle was not bad.

Seafood Noodle at Yehliu
Next dish is the oyster and egg pancake (owajian). The owajian is very starchy (forgot to mention no starch) and the oysters were not cleaned thoroughly I can feel the sands. =(

Oyster and Egg Pancake Yehliu Taiwan
Oh well, anyway, we passed by the town again when we left Yehliu. I suppose next time we may as well eat in Keelung. Anyway, here is another serene picture of the town of Yehliu. =)

Yehliu Town at Taiwan Tourist Attraction

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