Taiwan Travel: Hualien Crafts and Souvenir Centre

Whenever we join a tour group, a visit to the craft and souvenir centre is always included in the itinerary without fail. This time around, we are visiting another craft centre in Hualien.

Hualien Souvenir Centre Taiwan
The building kinda looks like a museum. 

Hualien Statue Museum And Souvenir Store
It was actually a souvenir store for jade, figures, statues, etc and surprisingly, it seems that a lot of tour group operators bring their tourists here. 

Hualien Souvenir Jade Store Taiwan
They even have Mickey Mouse statue. How random is this gonna be?

Mickey Mouse in Hualien Taiwan
A Greek statue. Uhm..okay. 

Greek Statue in Hualien
And a super duper expensive dragon statue made from orange jade. 

The price inside most of souvenir stores in Taiwan is open for bargain. So make sure to give your best shot in order to secure the best price for your shopping here. 

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