Taiwan Travel: Liuhe Night Market, Kaohsiung

Taiwan's travel website mentions that you will not be considered to visit Kaohsiung if you miss out Liuhe Night Market. With that being said, we decided to go for a late night supper in Liuhe Night Market. The easiest way to reach Liuhe Night Market is by taking the train to Formosa Boulevard Station (see here). The area outside the station is still pretty lively at night.

Outside Formosa Boulevard Station Kaohsiung
After 10 minutes walk, we have reached Liuhe Night Market. The night market is pretty simple as all the food and non-food stalls are located together at one stretch of road. 

Liuhe Night Market Kaohsiung Taiwan
The Taiwanese never sleeps. Liuhe Night Market is still crowded with so many people, locals and visitors alike at around 10pm-ish. Well I suppose in Taiwan 10pm is considered early. 

The Crowd at Liuhe Night Market Kaohsiung Taiwan
All kind of sausages are sold here. Original, with floss, curly, you name it. This is quite fun to see (and to eat).

Sausages Stall at Liuhe Night Market Kaohsiung Taiwan
The famous black pepper bun. Looking at the quantity that they make, this food must be one of the favourite night market food in Liuhe Night Market.

Black Pepper Bun at Liuhe Night Market Kaohsiung Taiwan
This stall particularly stole my attention. Cheese biscuit? Are they seriously selling Ritz or Ritz-look-alike?

Cheese Biscuit at Liuhe Night Market Kaohsiung Taiwan
Turns out it looks like cheese kind of crepe with a filling inside. You can choose the filling such as Chocolate or Milk. I chose the original and it taste quite good. 

Cheese Biscuit Original at Liuhe Night Market Kaohsiung Taiwan
If you visit Kaohsiung, do not forget to give Liuhe Night Market a visit. You will come in hungry and come out full and satisfied. If you are daring enough, there is one restaurant right in the middle of the road selling anything related to snake. Yes, snake!

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