Taiwan Travel: Tea time at Jiufen Tea House

Tea time is a favorite activity amongst tourist visiting Jiufen in Taiwan. That fact explains why there are so many teahouses in Jiufen. Since we were still quite early for sunset watching, we decided to try this trend ourselves. First thing first, let's go into one random teahouse that we saw when we decided to do this. #sorandom

Jiufen Teahouse Taiwan
The inside of the tea house is quite modernly designed. The tea house is also fully air-con so if you happened to visit the tea house in summer, you can cool yourself down inside the tea house.  

Inside a teahouse in Jiufen Taiwan
If you are early, you can opt to sit near the glass window. The view from the window is beautiful especially upon a sunset.

Window set at Jiufen tea house Taiwan
The menu, which is completely in Chinese traditional characters. *cry*

Chinese Menu Jiufen Tea House Taiwan
We ordered garlic toast. Kinda remind you of Toast Box in Singapore, no?

Garlic Butter Toast at Jiufen Tea House Taiwan
And a tray of siew mai, the Chinese dumpling. 

Chinese Pork Siew Mai at Jiufen Tea House Taiwan
And soursop juice to refresh us. Yum! 

Soursop Juice at Jiufen Tea House Taiwan
The food taste so-so but the feeling inside the tea house is comfortable especially during a hot summer day. Do pay a visit if you want to experience tea house at Jiufen. =)

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