Turkey Travel: Preparation for Hot Air Balloon Trip at Cappadocia

Woken up at 5AM in the morning is not an easy task especially if you just reach the hotel around 1AM. But for a hot air balloon trip, I was so sure my willpower is big enough to wake me up. Oh boy, I woke up late (and as a result, my roommate a.k.a. my brother, was also late). Few minutes later, we were already having our breakfast while waiting for our hot air balloon to be prepared for flying.

Hot tea on a cold Turkey morning
Simple cookie and bread to fill hungry tummy in early morning. 

Early morning breakfast at Turkey
The balloons are still flat on the ground few minutes after we finished our breakfast. 

Preparation for hot air balloon trip at Cappadocia Turkey
This is what they do to warm up the balloon. Looks a bit scary up close. Fire hazard? Hehe.

Warming up balloon at Cappadocia Turkey
When the sun is up, all balloons are ready for boarding. Yeay! 

Hot Air Balloons for boarding at Cappadocia Turkey
The view up there is gonna be so amazing I tell you. Well, with that kind of fee (i.e. USD300 per person), I hope the view is really worth the price. Let's find out at the next post! =)

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