Turkey Travel: What to buy as souvenir from Turkey?

Turkey is one of those countries where you can buy a pretty unique souvenir. If you like artsy stuff, you can go broke in Turkey, no kidding. The souvenir shop is already looking very pretty from outside.

On the ceiling, there are birds singing...in my imagination. The blue bird kinda reminds me of Twitter. #toomuchsosmed

Turkey Birds Decoration on a Ceiling
Turkey is famous for its shisha (also known as hookah). It is basically a tool used for smoking flavored tobacco. Yes, I am not kidding. My friend tried and the smoke taste like strawberry. Strawberry flavored tobacco. This does not sound right. Hahaha.

Hookah Turkey Souvenir
If you'd like something to hang at your verandah....

Turkey Hanged Ornament Souvenir
Or eggs, anyone? For easter maybe. But they are not made of chocolate, of course.

Turkey Decorated Eggs Souvenirs
Turkey's folk musician statues. 

Turkey Folk Musician Statues Souvenir
The souvenir store that I visited is located at the town of Bursa, just beside the Grand Mosque. Do pay a visit when you are visiting the Grand Mosque.  

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