Wandering in Indonesia: Sunset at Dreamland Beach, Bali

Dreamland Beach is an alternative for tourists to the overcrowded Kuta Beach. It was promoted as a "hidden paradise" back then when not many people heard about Dreamland Beach before.

Dreamland Beach Bali Island Indonesia

Cars and other motor vehicles must park at the designated parking area and we need to walk for 5 minutes before we reach the beach area. Once you see a lot of umbrellas, you know that you reach the commercial part of the beach. There are people selling drinks and food so you don't have to worry about starving here. 

Dreamland Beach Stall and Shop Bali

The water is so clear and there were not so many people at that time. However, since I visited Dreamland back in 2011, the area may be more crowded now since it has become more and more commercialised. 

Dreamland Beach Clear Sea Water Bali Indonesia

We took a walk alongside the beach while waiting for the sun to set. Found a little cave nearby. The cave will be hidden by sea water during tide though. 

Dreamland Beach Caves Bali Indonesia

A nice tranquil afternoon spent walking alongside Dreamland Beach. I really love the feeling. =)

Walking alongside Dreamland Beach Bali Indonesia

Ironically, this is the best shot that I took around 5pm. Why is that so? Because when the sun set, the cloud were covering it. T_T.

An afternoon at Dreamland Beach Bali Indonesia

No matter how the sunset gonna turn out, Dreamland Beach still gave us so many nice warm memories. I love Dreamland Beach. ^^

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