What to do in Taipei when it rains?

Rain has been part of the Taiwanese lifestyle. It can rain in basically any season in Taiwan. During summer, it is worse because the rain comes in full force with the typhoon. >.<!

Raining in Taipei
If this happens during your visit to Taipei, what should you do?

1. Hide inside the shopping malls

Taipei 101 Shopping Mall

Shopping malls are your best friend when the weather outside is wet. And you can do so many things inside the shopping malls like eating, cafe-hopping, and of course, shopping! 

2. Read books

Eslite Bookstore Taipei Taiwan
If you happen to stuck inside Eslite Bookstore, you can simply wait for the rain to subside by reading books since Eslite allows customers to read books. What an awesome bookstore, eh?

3. Watch movies

Watching movie in Taipei
Watching movies can be a good way to wait for the rain to subside too, especially if you happen to be around Taipei City Hall or Ximending area when the rain pours down. 

Oh, another thing, it may be a good idea to buy umbrella in Taipei because it costs you pretty cheap. You can find a lot of umbrella stalls in Taipei Main Station. Don't let the rain brings you down! =)

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