Bali Travel: A visit to the Turtle Farm Island at Tanjong Benoa

If you are looking for a day full of activities in Bali, you can make your way to Tanjong Benoa. The beach offers all kind of water activity from the mild to the most hardcore kind of activity. 

Tanjong Benoa Water Activity in Bali

Since I went to Tanjong Benoa with my mum, all the hardcore type of water activities are definitely out. Hence, we chose the mildest activity, a return trip to the turtle farm. 

Trip to Turtle Farm at Tanjong Benoa Bali

The boat is equipped with glass bottom but we could not really see anything down there as the sea water is not that clear. 

Boat to Turtle Farm at Tanjong Benoa Bali

After 15 minutes boat ride, we have arrived at the Turtle Farm.

Turtle Farm at Tanjong Benoa Island Bali Indonesia

A lot of baskets were spotted with the baby turtles inside. 

Baby Turtles in Tanjong Benoa Bali

But the tourist crowd is more attracted to the cock fight. This is because the organizer of the cock fight allows them to bet money on the fight. The cocks do fight ferociously. 

Cock Fight at Turtle Farm Tanjong Benoa Bali

Since I am not into cock fight, I decided to venture around the small island and stumbled upon a lot of random animals other than turtles. Like these carrot-eating fellas. 

Rabbits at Turtle Farm Tanjong Benoa Bali

And few birds. This farm is apparently quite diverse. Hahaha. 

Birds at Tanjong Benoa Turtle Farm Bali

Finally we saw the big turtles. But since the weather was so hot, they were all lazying around soaking inside the water. Well, I did not really blame them as I feel like soaking myself inside the cold swimming pool myself. 

Turtle Island Tanjong Benoa Island Bali Indonesia

If you are not really a turtle fans, I don't think you need to waste time and money on this activity. You can choose other type of water activities like banana boat, parasailing or underwater walk. 

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