Hong Kong Eats: Another morning, another dim sum breakfast.

I have officially spent all my mornings in my Hong Kong trip doing one particular thing in common, eating dim sum. After a series of afternoons and nights trying out dim sum in various establishment like Luk Yu Eating House, Dao Xiang and Dim Sum Bar, we decided to just popping by at any random dim sum place near our hotel, Butterfly on Prat at Tsim Sha Tsui

Another morning, another dim sum breakfast

For a simple next door restaurant, the dim sum place sells quite a wide variety of traditional dim sum. 

Next door dim sum place menu at Tsim Sha Tsui

For a start, we ordered char siew bao (bbq pork Chinese buns). The texture is a bit rough but taste-wise, it's okay. 

BBQ Pork Chinese Buns Dim Sum Hong Kong

We also ordered a mixture of shao mai (pork dumplings) and har gaw (clear skin prawn dumpling).  At this place, you can have both in one dim sum tray. 

Shao Mai and Har Gow Dim Sum Hong Kong

The cheung fun (rice noodle roll) looks kinda unappetising in texture, eh? I suppose appearance is not really the priority of this simple dim sum place. =P

Rice roll noodle dim sum Hong Kong

To wash our dim sum down, we ordered soya milk. Yum! Totally feel the Cantonese breakfast here. Hehehe.

Soya milk for breakfast in Hong Kong

While this is not necessarily the best dim sum we had in Hong Kong, the price is quite cheap so I suppose we got what we paid. 

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