Hong Kong Eats: Breakfast at Jollibee, Central

If you are looking for a place to eat breakfast before making your way to Disneyland from Central MTR Station, you can consider eating at Jollibee. Simply because it is located just right outside Central MTR Station. 

Jollibee at Central Hong Kong

Three of us were getting the set breakfast. We were kinda looking forward to it because we seldom wake up this early just to eat breakfast at fast food chains in Singapore. #sleepisprecious

Breakfast at Jollibee Hong Kong

I ordered the ham and cheese croissant. Tasty! Especially when it's still hot. 

Ham and cheese croissant at Jollibee Hong Kong

Beef and Egg Muffin. This is kinda similar to McD's McMuffin except that it has beef patty instead of ham. Yummy too! 

Beef and Egg McMuffin at Jollibee Hong Kong

For the drinks, you can choose the yummy Hong Kong milk tea. When you are in Hong Kong, you should drink milk tea as much as you want. Hahaha. 

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