Hong Kong Travel: Time Travel to Victorian Era at 1881 Heritage

1881 Heritage is a place in downtown Hong Kong where you can experience a journey to the past. To be exact, a time travel back to the Victorian era of Hong Kong in the 1880s. Back then, this building was used as the headquarters of Hong Kong Marine Police. 

Time Travel to Victorian Era of Hong Kong at 1881 Heritage

A Victorian-style carriage was spotted in the heritage plaza. The aristocrats in that era is probably travelling by this means. 

1881 Heritage Victorian Horse Carriage Hong Kong

A historical map of Hong Kong is shown on the floor in front of the heritage hotel.

Historical map of Hong Kong in 1880s

Nowadays, the buildings are used as a heritage hotel, shopping mall and exhibition hall. And it is also equipped with elevators so you don't have to climb the stairs to reach the upper level of the building.

1881 Heritage Shopping Complex Hong Kong

Birdcage installed on the plaza. I kinda wondered what the theme on that day. 

Birdcage on 1881 Heritage Plaza Hong Kong

There is a wedding photoshoot going on at that time. It seems that the photoshoot was done for an advertorial purpose. Admiring those models strutting in a heavy wedding gown under the hot sun. #committed

Wedding Photoshoot at 1881 Heritage Hong Kong

1881 Heritage is located at Tsim Sha Tsui. It is within walking distance from the Tsim Sha Tsui MRT Station. You just need to find your way (checking map in the MRT station and follow the street sign) to Canton Road. 

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