Indonesia Eats: Es Dawet Kampung Kali, Semarang

Es Dawet (Iced Dawet) is a unique dessert which originated from a small town in Java Island called Jepara. It then spread into the neighboring big cities like Semarang and Surabaya, and eventually Jakarta. However, the local taste of Iced Dawet in Semarang is somewhat different from the one sold in Jakarta. In particular, the Kampung Kali Iced Dawet which is just sold on a cart but yet, managed to attract a queue of customers everyday. 

Es Dawet Kampung Kali Semarang

In a glance, dawet looks exactly just like cendol except that dawet is white in color. The main ingredients of the iced dawet Kampung Kali is the dawet (the worm-like jelly made from rice flour), coconut milk, and the ultimate ingredients, durian. 

Ingredients for Es Dawet Kampung Kali Semarang

You can opt for a takeaway too and the whole ingredient will be packed into one plastic bag.

Es Dawet Kampung Kali Takeaway Semarang

If you eat the dessert on the spot, this is how the final product looks like. The brownish sauce is made from brown sugar. Yum

A bowl of Es Dawet Kampung Kali Semarang

This taste so refreshing on a hot day. Even though I don't really like eating durians (and hence, more portion for my mum), I still enjoy eating the iced dawet. And just like that, this dessert can be considered as a good local street food of Semarang city. 

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