Indonesia Eats: A second breakfast at Soto Ayam Khas Kudus Mbak Lin, Semarang

I can't believe I am already in a car ride to another restaurant straight after finishing my hotel breakfast. Oh well, it's Semarang and you are supposed to be well fed here. 

One of the speciality food in Semarang is called "Soto Ayam" which is translated to chicken soup. I did post my last visit to Soto Ayam Pak Man. But since "Pak Man" is translated into Mr Man, now it's the time to visit another soto ayam restaurant which is named for a lady, Soto Ayam Kudus Mbak Lin. 

Soto Ayam Kudus Mbak Lin Semarang

This is what I was talking about. A clear chicken soup which is served with rice. Yup the rice is inside the bowl underneath the chicken pieces. Slurpp~~very tasty!

Soto Kudus Mbak Lin

It tastes even better if you eat it together with oyster satay. Yeap, a complete awesome-ness. 

Oyster Satay Soto Kudus Mbak Lin

My cousin who is studying in Semarang told me that there are so many places selling soto in Semarang up to the point that each people will have their own favorite stalls. I suppose that means most of these places are selling awesome soto? I'm so gonna be fat if I stay here for too long. XD

The restaurant is located at Jalan Ki Mangunsarkoso (re: Ki Mangunsarkoso Road) but high chances that the taxi driver will know it immediately once you mention the restaurant's name. Hehehe. 

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