Indonesia Travel: Three Reasons to Spend Summer in Lombok

1. Lombok beaches are awesomely pretty

Three Reasons to Spend Summer in Lombok

 Most of the beaches that we visited are those white sandy beaches with clear blue ocean. A perfect place to be at the summer, we feel. You can go for an island hopping trip to from Pink Beach (the above picture) to the Gili Islands to the Mawi Beach or Mandalika Beach.

2. Fun water activities

Fun water activities at Lombok

No matter whether you can or can't swim, snorkeling is a must do activity in Lombok. The blue corals at Gili Trawangan is to see for. You can borrow the snorkeling gear from Oda Cafe & Bungalow

3. Amazing Sunset

I still have not found any sunset view which can beat the sunset view at Senggigi Beach. Even though I have to wait for an hour to see the sunset, it was worth the wait. 

Where to book flight tickets and hotel?

With the advance technology called the internet, it is not hard to arrange for a flight and hotel stay in Lombok. For the flights, you can check out the best rates here. For hotel stay, I usually check the rate and review from Tripadvisor. If you want to stay in Senggigi area, you can consider staying at The Jayakarta Lombok Resort. If you want to stay in Mandalika area, you can consider staying at Novotel Lombok Resort.

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