Jakarta Eats: Coffees and Cakes at Djournal Coffee Bar, Mall Puri Indah

It's not everyday you can meet your high school buddy especially when you are living in two different countries. So during this rare occasion (either I come back home or she comes to Singapore for work, we always try to meet up with each other. This time round, our meet-up is held at Djournal, a cafe located at the new extension of Mall Puri Indah.

Djournal Coffee Bar Mall Puri Indah

The cafe was quite crowded around 3pm on a Saturday but we still managed to get a seat. Since it's a coffee bar, of course we must try the coffees and the cakes. 

Coffees and Cakes at Djournal Coffee Bar Mall Puri Indah

The cakes sold at Djournal Coffee Bar are supplied by Colette & Lola. We shared a small chocolate cake called Charlie Browne which is described as dark chocolate ganache with crispy hazelnut wafers & cocoa devil sponge. 

Dark chocolate cake Charlie Browne Djournal

I saw a very unique frappuccino offered by Djournal Coffee Bar. I forgot the exact name but it's something along the line of Nutella Frappuccino. I kinda like it although they simply add nutella into the frappuccino mixture. #weaktonutella

Nutella Frappuccino at Djournal Coffee Bar

Overall, Djournal Coffee Bar is quite a nice place to have a coffee and it serves as an alternative to Starbucks. But the cafe can be kinda noisy especially at night because the next-door restaurant has a very loud live band. 

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