Jakarta Eats: Sato Japanese Restaurant, Central Park Mall

Whenever I go back to Jakarta, I always go into feeding frenzy mode because there are basically so much yummy food to eat in my hometown. Other than those must-eat-when-go-home places like the forever-crowded Sushi Tei and the neighboring Penang Bistro, my mum also likes to bring me try new restaurants opening up at the shopping mall. This time round at Central Park Mall, we were trying out another Japanese restaurant called Sato.

Sato Japanese Restaurant Central Park Mall

Sato claims to have 197 stores in Japan but I did not see the restaurant chain at all during my visit to Japan last spring. Probably, they are not exactly located at Tokyo, Kyoto or Osaka. Or I just did not happen to see them. Possible, as Japan is quite big. And the map is kinda confusing.

Sato Japanese Restaurant Franchise

First dish that we tried was the wakame (re: seaweed) salad. While the lettuces and the wakame are quite fresh, we prefer the Chef Salad offered by Sushi Tei although we seriously questioned if all these salads sold by Japanese restaurants in Jakarta is actually healthy.

Wakame Salad at Sato Japanese Restaurant Central Park Mall

For the sushi roll, we tried the tempura sushi with kani roll inside. Bad choice, we didn't really enjoy the sushi because the taste is pretty bland unless you count the taste of fried flour as well..a taste. 

Tempura Kani Sushi Roll at Sato Japanese Restaurant Central Park Mall

Tendon (re: tempura rice bowl) was average. My mum started to regret that she did not order her usual curry rice. Oh well. 

Tendon at Sato Japanese Restaurant Central Park Mall

Conclusion: If you want to eat Japanese food in Jakarta, stick to Sushi Tei. 

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