Singapore Cafe: Azuki Love at Dolce Tokyo, 313 Somerset

When I went to Japan, it is a very challenging task to get a seat in a cafe in Tokyo. I did not try to hang out in a cafe in both Kyoto and Osaka, so I don't really know if that only happens exclusively in Tokyo or not. But the fact is, Japanese love to hang out in a cafe. And so does Singaporean and thanks to that, we can find a number of Japanese cafes in Singapore such as Dolce Tokyo. 

We still managed to find seats around 6pm-ish on a Saturday evening. For a start, I ordered an iced red bean (which is also known as azuki).

Iced Red Bean at Dolce Tokyo Somerset 313 Singapore

My friend prefer the hot version of the red bean. The red bean taste quite sweet but it's okay because sometimes in life, we need a little bit of sugar. 

Hot Red Bean Drink at Dolce Tokyo Somerset 313

And what is the purpose of coming to a cafe without sharing a dessert. A brownie topped with ice cream, an oreo cookie, marshmallows and a bit of caramelised bananas. Oishiidesune~~~~

If you like Japanese desserts, Dolce Tokyo also sells other type of desserts like Japanese cakes. Other than Dolce Tokyo, you can also try Japanese cakes at Flor Patisserie. It's quite nice to eat other things than green tea sometimes. Azuki is yummy too!

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