Singapore Cafe: Drink Me at Max Brenner, Vivo City

Vivo City is a big mall with a lot of cafes and restaurants inside. But even though the mall has a lot of things to offer, it seems that a long queue at peak dining time is inevitable sometimes. As my friends and I were kinda not in the mood to queue, we decided to have some "happiness" at Max Brenner for our dinner. 

Drink Me at Max Brenner Vivo City

Like what Alice did in Wonderland, I've decided to follow the instruction and drink the super yummy iced chocolate. It does not make me a giant as soon as I took a sip but I suppose the chocolate does not make my waist slimmer as well. #ironyoflife

Suckao Max Brenner Vivo City

Our happiness completed with a plate of vanilla ice cream crepe drenched in chocolate sauce. Glorious dessert! 

Ice Cream Chocolate Crepes Max Brenner Vivo City

I love the taste of the chocolate sold by Max Brenner and I suppose that's their speciality. So far, Max Brenner only has one outlet in Singapore, which is in Vivo City.

If you are felling a bit more adventurous, you can also make your way to the neighbouring Waterfront Station at Resorts World at Sentosa to try the Korean food at Insadong Korea Town

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