Singapore Eats: Chabuton, The Star Vista

My friend has been asking me to bring her to the Star Vista because she stays in the East and hence, she does not really step her feet on the West soil. The thing is there are not many things to do in the Star Vista except for eating, so we ended up at this ramen restaurant called Chabuton.

Chabuton the Star Vista Singapore

Chabuton's speciality is tonkotsu ramen. So the menu revolves around different type of tonkotsu ramen.

Chabuton Tonkotsu Ramen Menu Singapore

It was a hot sunny afternoon, so a glass of iced ocha is really needed. The ocha is refillable.

Iced Green Tea at Chabuton Buona Vista

I ordered the most basic ramen sold by Chabuton, the tonkotsu ramen.

My dining companion ordered the Tonkotsu Kara Ramen. Basically they added a dollop of spicy minced meat on top of the ramen.
Tonkotsu Kara Ramen Chabuton Singapore
The taste is so-so but I am not really a ramen person so I cannot really differentiate one ramen from another. Hahaha.

The next time I eat here, I probably should have brought my ramen expert friend. =P

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