Singapore Eats: Discreet Lunch at Sifu, Bugis

Whenever my close colleague and I want to have a discreet conversation about our work and outside work life, we like to go somewhere a little farther from our office in Raffles Place. Today, we happened to go to Bugis and spotted a quite new eating place called Sifu at Bugis Junction. 

Discreet Lunch at Sifu Bugis

Sifu is kinda similar to a Hong Kong cafe. Its speciality menu is its Hong Kong noodle. My colleague ordered noodle served with chicken chop and steamed wontons (re: pork dumpling). 

Chicken Chop Noodle Sifu Bugis Singapore

While I ordered pork chop noodle. The price for both dish is around the same at approximately S$10 before tax. The taste for both dish is quite yummy. I find them to be tastier than those typically tasteless Hong Kong noodle. 

For a kind of dessert, we ordered the condensed milk bun but the real condensed milk bun from Tsui Wah in Hong Kong taste way better than this one. Sorry, Sifu! 

Condensed Milk Buns at Sifu Bugis

For the drinks, we ordered the milk tea. It tastes average but it's also probably due to the fact that we were busy chatting, we ended up drinking it kinda cold. I prefer the Hong Kong milk tea from Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe to this. 

Hongkong Milk Tea at Sifu Bugis Singapore

If you want to try Sifu, you may want to stick to the noodles. They do have other type of buns to try from though. Maybe next time, when we have another discreet lunch in another day. 

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