Singapore Eats: Fun and Laughter at Boston Seafood Shack, Buona Vista

At Star Vista, there is a restaurant called Boston Seafood Shack which claims to bring the hearty flavours of the Bostonian Harbour to Singapore. I do not know how good is the seafood in Boston but since Buona Vista (i.e. where Star Vista is located) is nearer to my house than Boston, I should probably give Boston Seafood Shack a try.

The restaurant was not full when my friend and I finally came for a visit. So we quickly made our orders. I ordered a cod fish and chips. But the size of the cod sold here is smaller than what I used to have back then in the UK. Oh well. 

Cod fish and chips at Boston Seafood Shack Star Vista

The classic Boston Lobster Roll.

Classic Boston Lobster Roll Boston Seafood Shack Singapore

The epic story comes when my friend ordered a grilled barramundi. All of us assumed that she knew what she ordered. When her order came, she was so surprised to see that it is a grilled fish. We all fell into laughter because who would have known that she did not know that barramundi is a kind of fish. Hehe. 
Grilled Barramundi at Boston Seafood Shack Singapore

To sum up our fun dinner, we ordered a jar of tiramisu to share amongst the four of us. 

A jar of tiramisu at Boston Seafood Shack Singapore

Boston Seafood Shack is located at the Star Vista. This mall is actually occupied mainly by restaurants. So far I have eaten the Korean BBQ meat at Bornga, Japanese ramen at Chabuton and dim sum at Canton Paradise.

So if you are looking for a place to eat in Buona Vista, you can always come to Star Vista. 

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