Singapore Eats: Japanese Style Spaghetti House at Yomenya Goemon, Star Vista

A want to eat Japanese. But, B want to eat Italian. Yomenya Goemon is established to meet the demand of both A and B because the restaurant basically sells Japanese Pasta. 

For every order of pasta, you will get a free miso soup. 

Japanese Style Spaghetti House at Yomenya Goemon

There are four categories of pasta sold in Yomenya Goemon. The category is defined by the base of the pasta sauce. My friend ordered seafood pasta which is cooked in tomato based sauce. 

Seafood Pasta at Yomenya Goemon Star Vista

While on the other hand, I, being a sucker for everything creamy, opted for one the dish offered under the cream sauce category, Carbonara with Yolk and Bacon. Egg and Bacon never go wrong in my food palette. 

Carbonara with Yolk and Bacon Yomenya Goemon Star Vista

For the dessert we had chocolate cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and cookie on top of it. Not bad. But not that fantastic either. 

Chocolate Cake at Yomenya Goemon Star Vista

Yomenya Goemon used to have more outlets in the past but due to the rising rental costs, now it only operates in two branches, one is at Star Vista while the other is located at Changi City Point. 

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