Singapore Eats: The Many Version of Laksa at Laksania, Bugis+

I am not sure if laksa comes from Singapore or Penang but one thing for sure, I've never tried laksa before I came to Singapore for work. And the version of laksa that I know of is the one served with thick rice noodles in a thick coconut laksa broth, taupok (at type of beancurd which is flattish and square), prawns, fishcake, cockles, and egg.

But here in Laksania, customers have the chance to try Laksa from other area of Malaysia like Sarawak or Kelantan. So we tried the Kelantan version of laksa, which came out yellowish because of the usage of yellow ginger and fish. Kelantan Laksa is served with thick rice noodles, fresh cucumber strips and sambal chilli.

Kelantan Laksa at Laksania Bugis+

The next version of laksa that we tried is also somewhat unique because it is fried. A fried laksa has texture and toppings which are kinda similar to char kway teow, another local Singapore dish. 

Fried laksa at Laksania Bugis+

If you are a fan of laksa, you should come to Laksania because other than the above two type of laksa dish (which taste quite nice), Laksania also has other version of laksa e.g. laksa pasta or laksa burger. Laksania is located at level 4 of Bugis+.

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