Singapore Eats: The Minions are Coming to McDonald's

McDonald's is really great with its marketing gimmick. And now the fast food chain is having a tie-in with the cute crazy yellow creatures called MINIONS. 

Minions are coming to McDonald's

The fast food chains all across Singapore is decorated in Minions style. I guess this will attract the kids to eat McD during the summer vacation.

Minions inside McDonald's Singapore

To make it even more attractive, there are minions toys that you can collect by buying a happy meal set. For a start, there is guitar strumming Stuart.

McD Minions Guitar Strumming Stuart

Chatty Bob.

McDonald's Minions Chatty Bob
and Lava Shooting Kevin. 

McDonald's Minions Lava Shooting Kevin

Oh my goodness, if I want to collect them all, I guess I have to pop by my gym more often. Now, where did that gym membership card disappear to?

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