Singapore Eats: Pigging Out at Pecori Japanese Egg Restaurant, Liang Court

We don't really hang out at Liang Court that often because we are simply too lazy to move our ass from the Central, which is located nearer to the Clarke Quay MRT Station. Especially when there is a yummy tiramisu cafe located at the basement level of the Central. #digress

Okay, ahem, coming back to track. This post is not about tiramisu. It's about a Japanese Egg dish called Omurice! We read from the review online that Pecori Japanese Egg Restaurant sells a humble but yummy omurice. So we just had to come. Oh hey, piggy plate looks so cute.  #easilydistracted

Pigging Out at Pecori Japanese Egg Restaurant Liang Court

Our drinks were immediately served upon order. If you don't want to order drinks, there is free tea offered by the restaurant. Yes, the tea inside the paper cup obviously. 

Iced green tea at Pecori Liang Court Singapore

This is the trademark dish of Pecori, the hamburg omurice which is served with a demiglace sauce. Demiglace sauce is the rich brown sauce which taste a tad sweet. 

Hamburg Omurice at Pecori Liang Court Singapore

Since my dining companion was on rice diet that day, we decided to share the omurice. But we added an order of chicken karage and since the chicken karage is served with a dollop of tartar sauce. I feel kinda pessimistic on the chance of success for my friend's diet. #nothelping

Chicken Karage at Pecori Liang Court Singapore

Overall, we quite like the Omurice although we prefer the omurice to be kinda spicy (our Indonesian tongue) but I suppose the Japanese does not really eat omurice in spicy manner unless you opt for a curry omurice. The chicken karage does not really need the tartar sauce to be honest. 

If you want to try Curry Omurice, you can try one at Coco Ichibanya. I haven't really tried it but the curry sauce sold at Coco is quite yum! 

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