Singapore Eats: Sausages for birthday at Ambush, Plaza Singapura

It's Momo's birthday and we are gonna celebrate her birthday at Ambush because...I have a Groupon voucher. We went to the nearest Ambush from our working place, the one at Plaza Singapura. 

Ambush Plaza Singapura Singapore

I let Momo chose her own birthday menu so I simply agree to whatever she said. The first dish that we tried is the mixed pot of mussels and clams, cooked with white wine and small slices of bacon. The soupy sauce tastes quite tasty and it goes well with the mussels and clams.

Mixed Pot of Mussels and Clams at Ambush Plaza Singapura Singapore

The second dish is the pan seared salmon fillet with lemon dill sauce. A pan seared salmon should not go wrong. The sauce is nice too. Seems like Ambush is quite strong in the sauce area.

Pan Seared Salmon Fillet with Lemon Dill Sauce Ambush Singapore

Last dish was the roasted pork served with pork sausages. This one a bit on a drier side but still quite nice to eat.

To our surprise, Ambush also offers dessert on its menu. As this was a birthday celebration, we ordered a chocolate lava cake for Momo. Turns out, Momo only likes certain type of cakes e.g. chocolate lava cake and chocolate souffle. No wonder Momo stays so slim. Me? I eat all kind of cakes except durian, maybe. 

Chocolate Lava Cake Ambush Singapore

Ambush is located in the new extension of Plaza Singapura. If you want to try Ambush at other branch, Ambush also has branch at Bishan Junction 8. 

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